CSP & Breast Pad Care

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CSP & Breast Pads

Caring for your CSP and breast pads is pretty much the same as caring for nappies. Just as with new nappies/inserts, it’s best to pre-wash or soak to increase absorbency before first use. Some ladies who cloth bum their children just throw their used CSP in to the nappy bucket with the nappies, whilst others prefer to have a separate wetbag for their own fluff. We would of course advise storing and washing used breast pads separately from nappies and CSP.

A cold rinse cycle before washing your CSP is important to avoid staining (soaking for a short period in salt water can also help to avoid stains, or you can buy special detergents for use with CSP), and we would advise rinsing them separately from any nappies or clothes. As with nappies, CSP and breast pads can be washed on a 30 or 40 degree cycle using 1/2 or less of your usual amount of washing detergent, and no fabric softener. The occasional 60 degree wash is fine, however frequent/prolonged periods of washing at 60 is not recommended as it can shorten the lifespan of your pads by damaging waterproofing and fabrics. An extra rinse is always beneficial in reducing detergent build up, to keep your fluff at it’s most absorbent and to avoid any potential reactions in your most delicate area. Above all though, we would always recommend following manufacturer’s guidelines where applicable so as not to affect any warranty that they may have in place. To save space whilst drying you can popper your pads together in to one or more long lines, aka. ‘CSP Garlands’ and drape over the washing line or airer. Simple!

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