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The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup, around two inches long and made from soft medical grade silicone. It is worn internally a lot lower than a tampon but, while tampons and pads absorb menstrual fluid, the Mooncup collects it. This means it doesn’t cause dryness or irritation, and also that it collects far more (three times as much as a tampon!). Because the Mooncup is reusable, you only need one so it saves you money and helps the environment, too.


The Mooncup is designed to be folded and inserted into the vagina, then removed, rinsed and reinserted up to every 8 hours. A light seal is formed with your vaginal walls, allowing menstrual fluid to pass into the Mooncup without leakage or odour. This seal is released for removal, allowing you to empty the contents, rinse or wipe and reinsert. Comfortable, convenient and safe: the Mooncup can be used overnight and when travelling, swimming or exercising.


Each Mooncup comes with a comprehensive Usage Guide with full instructions on use and care of your Mooncup, and a handy storage bag.


Size A measures 46mm in diameter and 50mm in length. Size B measures 43 mm in diameter and 50mm in length. Both sizes have a stem 21mm long, which you can trim to the length that is right for you. Please refer to the chart below to help decide which size would best suit you.




Product Description

Many people are surprised to learn that the first menstrual cup was developed as early as the 1930s, by American actress Leona Chalmers, around the same time as the first commercial tampon. Manufacturers liked the idea of guaranteed monthly re-purchasing of tampons, and launched massive advertising campaigns. The menstrual cup, although adopted by some liberally minded women, struggled to compete with these huge budgets and a culture that associated disposability with convenience.

Menstrual cups and washable sanitary towels really began to gain popularity during the 1980s as women began searching for eco-friendly (and cheaper) alternatives to disposable products. It was around this time that Su Hardy, while backpacking around Australia with her one-year old daughter, discovered a latex menstrual cup and began importing it on a small scale on her return to the UK.

From selling to friends, and friends-of-friends, Su soon realised that women in Britain were ready for an eco-friendly, money-saving sanitary product. After extensive research following reports of latex allergies, she discovered a hypoallergenic alternative to latex: medical grade silicone and, in the Spring of 2002, the Mooncup was launched.

From Su’s one–woman crusade, operating from her bedroom at home, Mooncup Ltd. grew quickly into a small, ethical business responding to ever-growing numbers of women demanding the Mooncup. In 2004, the UK pharmacy giant Boots asked to stock the Mooncup following requests from their customers. Today, the Mooncup is distributed in over fifty countries around the world and its Usage Guide is printed in twelve languages.

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Weight 40 g
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Size A, Size B

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    Finding a sticker on the back of a public toilet started my Mooncup journey. My body has always coped well with Tampons but after using the Mooncup over 11 years ago I have never looked back. Reading about the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome and seeing my decreased bills also made a huge impact. So easy to use and store, easy to clean and a great money back guarantee (which I never needed). I have since converted about 8 friends and all report having less pain and decreased blood loss during their periods. Such a great invention.

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